Panerai Ferrari Scuderia Replica Watches

Panerai went in partnership with Ferrari and managed to create beautiful watches that are not only loved by watch aficionados but also by those who simply love cars, especially race cars. These watches are in limited edition and it’s normal that their value will increase in time, making them classic beauties in terms of sports themed watches.Since most high end watch manufacturers have managed over the years to associate themselves with various car manufacturers, Panerai managed to do a great job with this beautiful stylish watch that will definitely be a great accessory for any outfit out there.


Also, if you demand great precision with amazing technology behind it, this watch is also a great way to make sure that you are always on time in the most sophisticated way. However, some might not afford this particular watch because it is, after all, a high end watch and spending two monthly wages or more on it might not appeal to most of us. In this case, there’s always the possibility of getting a replica watch as they are always a great addition to any wardrobe if the customer manages to get one that is very similar with the original.



The dial of the Panerai Ferrari Scuderia isn’t that complicated, but for some unknown reasons replica manufacturers do not seem to pay that much attention to its particularities. For instance, when we compare the dial of this fake watch with the one of the authentic one we notice that the minutes indexes are completely missing from the dial of the knockoff. Also, the hour markers seem to be in a different shade. The original ones have a different type of luminor coating that has a greenish tint. As far as the sub-dials and date window go, these are also distinct. The 9 o’clock small dial should be black color with a circular raised pattern, but the fake one has a silver colored small dial. The same thing goes for the 5 o’clock power reserve counter. And the last big mistake that we notice in the design of this fake watch is the date window from the 3 o’clock position which is in the wrong size. On the clone Panerai it is considerably smaller and has a lower

Panerai Ferrari Scuderia watches are also remarkable, made with steel and titanium, meant to resist even the harshest conditions. You will make sure that you wear something completely unique if you choose one of these watches; their design is also recognizable and everybody will know you are wearing a Panerai watch. For example, the Luminor Submersible is an amazing diving watch as it is water resistant to 1000 meters and have amazing features such as a helium valve for decompression.

If you want something elegant that just says class, a watch from Panerai is probably the best option you have, especially if you are a diver.

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