Fake Panerai Luminor Ceramica

New Panerai Luminor Ceramica replica watch on the block, recently bought by a neighbor. I helped Matt get this piece and a good discount on it too so thank you for giving me the opportunity to show it to my electronic friends and readers. This fake Panerai is quite an interesting piece and the bracelet works good with it. It’s an interesting combination and it brings out the back case as well as the bracelet color at the same time.


It’s an all matte black plated stainless steel case that imitates the ceramic original case. It’s simple and clean and the black dial matches too. The numbers and markers and hands match the double sided leather strap color so it looks and feels like a really well balanced fake Luminor watch.

As most of the Panerai fake watches that I reviewed this one has a manual winding automatic movement as well which is visible through the back case. It’s on a dark gray skeleton and it looks really good as you can see in the photo below.


Power reserve is of over 24 hours but it needs manual winding daily or every time you’d decide to wear it just to make sure you have power for the time it’s on your hand. You feel it on the spring how much power was left and how much you need to wind it.

I think it’s a good member of the Panerai fake watches family and definitely a piece to look at because it’s so simple and clean that passing it for an original should not be hard at all. The Ceramica collection is pretty expensive starting around $6k so even though they look so simple and clean they’re not tat accessible and if you know your watches you’ll know that.

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