Big Bang Command Bang Desert Limited Edition 250 knockoff

The real watch for the real man, a watch that was designed for combat and design to withstand the most harsh conditions, the Hublot Big Bang Command Bang Desert is a watch that will surely become your main tool. You won’t have problems telling time, even in the desert. This beautiful watch will certainly not let you down. The watch comes with a 44 mm case and it is a limited edition product to only 250 models so it’s understood why collectors and people out there would want to wear such a beauty.


The Command Bang Desert Limited Edition 250 is an extra-large watch that is suitable for big wrists or for those who prefer a sportier look complemented by bold accessories. The case is entirely manufactured from titanium which has alternating polished and brushed finishes. The caseback is manufactured from the same titanium and features all the distinctive Hublot Big Bang markings.

Regarding the bezel, this is made from micro-blasted black ceramic and it is quite bulky and prominent. As all Big Bang models, the bezel of the Titanium Ceramic is decorated with 6 “H” shaped polished screws. Do not expect your Hublot replica to have a case and bezel made from titanium and micro-blasted ceramic. Usually on a fake watch the case is made from solid stainless steel and the bezel is covered in a black coating that looks very much like black ceramic.

The entire design of the Command Bang Desert Limited Edition 250 is a reminiscence of the Formula 1 and its most distinctive aesthetic mark is Brazil’s bright yellow flag that is used to sign the name of Ayrton Senna on the intricate black dial. The entire dial is a statement of audacity and style which is very appealing to both watches aficionados and racing fans. Since its introduction the Ayrton Senna special edition model has been replicated countless times by numerous replica manufacturers. Today, the fake watches market is overwhelmed by very authentic looking Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna. The key to finding such a perfect knockoff is comparison. Simply compare the replica with the authentic one and you will be a step closer to acquiring the ideal clone.

The authentic Hublot Command Bang Desert Limited Edition 250 has a very unique and resistant strap manufactured from an innovative material called Nomex. This synthetic fiber is normally used for constructing suits for actual F2 drivers. Of course, this replica doesn’t feature a Nomex strap, but rather a very resistant and comfortable rubber one.

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